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 Prof Chee Hing Tan

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We have been awarded first place in the Journal of Wound Care awards 2018 for Innovation in Surgical Site Infection. This was for our work in collaboration with Prof C. Childs (Sheffield Hallam University) on thermal imaging Cesarean Section wounds to predict future infections and reduce the use of antibiotics: http://www.jwcawards.com/

Visiting the Advanced Detector Centre

We are located across two sites within the Sheffield city centre. Semiconductor fabrication and Detector Group offices are in the North Campus. Our laboratories and Sensor Systems Group offices are in the Portobello Centre

Getting to the Portobello Centre

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Getting to the North Campus

Please use the Portobello Centre directions for parking and general directions from the station but come to our building on Broad Lane, which is less than 5 minutes walk to the north of the Portobello Centre


Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
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Portobello Centre
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