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 Prof Chee Hing Tan

Prof John David

Prof Jo Shien Ng

Dr Jon Willmott


We have been awarded first place in the Journal of Wound Care awards 2018 for Innovation in Surgical Site Infection. This was for our work in collaboration with Prof C. Childs (Sheffield Hallam University) on thermal imaging Cesarean Section wounds to predict future infections and reduce the use of antibiotics: http://www.jwcawards.com/

About the Advanced Detector Centre

The ADC is composed of five academic research groups. These focus on semiconductor crystal growth, detector devices and sensor systems, respectively. Through these different branches within the centre, we can undertake the entire process of developing cameras, sensors and instrumentation - from semiconductor growth right through to engineering robust prototype products

Centre Aims

• Provide solutions for photon detection through product development focused projects
• Translates fundamental research in sensors to prototypes and instrumentation
• Strengthen and build new links with industry and external organisations
• Enhance alignment of research at Sheffield with industrial needs


• Underpinning research in detectors from X-ray to LWIR
• Unique expertise from design, wafer growth to device prototype
• Access to state-of-art III-V Semiconductor growth and fabrication.
• Solid experience in developing robust scientific instruments for industry


• Innovate UK (translation call)
• Instrumentation for STFC, European and UK Space Agencies. - industry funded research
• MOD funded programmes such as CDE


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