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 Prof Chee Hing Tan

Prof John David

Dr Jo Shien Ng

Dr Jon Willmott


We are currently recruiting for an engineer or physicist with LabView or Matlab experience (imaging desirable)

The project will be focused on thermal measurements science and imaging within Additive Manufacturing

Services and Consultancy

We undertake both traditional research projects and consultancy projects. Our consultancy projects take the form of feasibility studies, semiconductor design, supply chain mapping or instrument designs. We have experts in the use of Zemax lens design software, Labcenter Proteus PCB design and Inventor/Solid Works CAD. We can fabricate prototype semiconductors and mill PCBs in-house and have excellent links to contract electronics, optics and instrumentation manufacturers.

If you have a company in need of product engineering services or a university research group in need of instrumentation expertise, please contact one of the ADC directors on the Contact page for further information.