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 Prof Chee Hing Tan

Prof John David

Dr Jo Shien Ng

Dr Jon Willmott


Defence Growth Partnership Innovation Challenge Winners Announced


A project led by Dr. Jon Willmott and Prof. Chee Hing Tan has been selected as one of more than 20 projects funded.�

"PROMIS Workshop


Prof. Chee Hing Tan and Dr. Jo Shien Ng have successfully run a three day workshop for a Marie Curie ITN project called Postgraduate Research on Dilute Metamorphic Nanostructures and Metamaterials in Semiconductor Photonics (PROMIS).

   Chee Hing Tan
   Position: Director
   Prof Tan is a professor of optoelectronics

   John David
   Position: Director
   Prof David is a professor of optoelectronics

   Jo Shien Ng
   Position: Director
   Dr Ng is a Reader in Electronic Engineering

   Jon Willmott
   Position: Director
   Dr Willmott is a Senior Lecturer in Sensor Systems

   Rob Richards
   Position: RAEng Fellow

   Leigh Stanger
   Position: PHD

   Stephen Dorward
   Position: Technician

   Manoj Kesaria
   Position: PDRA

   Leh W Lim
   Position: Ph.D student

   Xin Yi
   Position: Ph.D student

   XinXin Zhou
   Position: PDRA

   Lucas Pinel
   Position: Ph.D student

   Elizabeth J Stark
   Position: Ph.D student

   Tom Rockett
   Position: Ph.D student

   Max Sanderson
   Position: Ph.D student

   Matthew Hobbs
   Position: PDRA

   Nick Boone
   Position: PHD

   Chengxi (Todd) Zhu
   Position: PHD

   Andy Heeley
   Position: PHD

   Simon J Dimler
   Position: Technician

   Vladimir Shulyak
   Position: Ph.D student

   Jonathan D Petticrew
   Position: Ph.D student