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 Prof Chee Hing Tan

Prof John David

Prof Jo Shien Ng

Dr Jon Willmott


We have been awarded first place in the Journal of Wound Care awards 2018 for Innovation in Surgical Site Infection. This was for our work in collaboration with Prof C. Childs (Sheffield Hallam University) on thermal imaging Cesarean Section wounds to predict future infections and reduce the use of antibiotics: http://www.jwcawards.com/

Detector Group

The Detector Group focuses on developing optical detectors appropriate to the applications, in order to improve performance of sensor systems utilising optical detectors. The group is led by three academic staff (Prof Jo Shien Ng, Prof Chee Hing Tan, and Prof John David). With three decades of research in optical detectors, in particular avalanche photodiodes, we have built up a comprehensive range of expertise, including semiconductor modelling, detector fabrication, and detector characterisation facilities. Our work is diverse, ranging from low-TRL research (e.g. evaluating novel semiconductor materials for optical detectors) to mid-TRL development projects (e.g. producing custom-designed detectors for industrial funders).

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